The Vetters: All We Needed

Set primarily in the 1970s and ‘80s, THE VETTERS: ALL WE NEEDED is an independent feature documentary about a close-knit family of six siblings from Chardon, Ohio, who overcame incredible odds to become State and National Champions, World Record hold- ers, and Olympic contenders in track & field, cross country and wrestling. After the heartbreaking death of their mother when they were ages 7 to 14, their humble devoted father, John Vetter, raised the children of Mexican/Native American and European heritage on his own. Saddled with poverty and the lack of an extended family, the Vetters drew close and kept to themselves in response to threats that Social Services would split them up. Through intimate, emo- tional, and revealing interviews, the siblings share their story of an extraordinary family bond and unflinching determination that noth- ing was going to tear them apart.

Willoughby’s Legend and Legacy

If you love history and small town legends, this film is for you. We produced this historical documentary to capture the soul of Down- town Willoughby, Ohio, which has earned distinction on the National Register of Historic Places. Experience the story as told by Willoughby residents and enthusiasts.

Fans of the famous Twilight Zone episode “A Stop at Willoughby” may be interested in seeing the actual town on which it was based! For those interested in paranormal activity, Willoughby is the setting for the popular Willoughby Ghost Walk—a thrilling tour through the Haunted Historic district of Downtown Willoughby. Additionally, mysterious tales about the Willoughby Cemetery, Willoughby Coal, the Willoughby Masonic Temple, and other places that are part of the colorful and rich landscape of historic Willoughby can be found in the new book, Haunted Willoughby Ohio by Cathi Weber.
The film begins with the early history of Willoughby when it originally was called Chagrin and started as a mill town. You’ll learn the true story of how Willoughby got its name, and exclusive information on the legend of the portrait of Dr. Willoughby that hangs in City Hall. Get the history of the Willoughby Medical College which spawned the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Review the historic architecture of Erie Street and what it was like in the heyday when Downtown Willoughby was a major regional economic and transportation hub, including the CE&E/Interurban railway. The 1970’s and 80’s saw Downtown Willoughby struggle with the proliferation of malls and strip centers, but wonderful renewal has taken place and Erie Street remains a living legacy of its original vibrant life born in the 1800’s.

Told through the words of local experts, officials, residents, and enthusiasts – and filled with vintage photographic images with present day comparisons, this historical documentary tells the story of a remarkable past. Learn the legend and legacy of one of Ohio’s most treasured towns.


“A treasured keepsake for anyone who has ever loved all that is unique and wonderful about Willoughby.” – Christina Wilkinson

“I just got my copy and WOW! Having been a Willoughby resident until I left for the Navy, it was great….Willoughby has many historical attributes that I share with my middle school students here in Springfield, VA. ” – Tom Snee

“As a person who grew up in Willoughby and stayed there until I got married I can say it brought back some memories. I lived in Willoughby for 22 years. Went to all Willoughby schools…Browning Elementary, Willoughby Jr., and South High…I so well remember the downtown area and old stores, and still frequent Downtown Willoughby and area places. I live in Mentor now so it is nice to still be close by. I am sending a copy of the DVD to my mother in Florida for her to enjoy!”

“Anne and Nancy produced a captivating feature about Downtown Willoughby. The film contains a lot of intriguing facts that the average citizen does not know. The pace of the film is quick and to the point in delivering the information, and the ‘Ken Burns’ style of the production keeps the audience interested.” – John Popelka, Willoughby Area Welcome Center